How to create a cohesive home

Is your home decor style eclectic? Read about how I create a sense of cohesiveness in my home and yet maintain my eclectic style. Decorating your home is a very personal thing and I don’t believe in following any rules as such, but I like to have fun with colour and make my space feel cosy, warm and comfortable with lots of interesting things!

Kenya Safari: Dos and Don’ts

Read about the dos and don’ts when you go on safari. These are based on my personal experience and will hopefully give you a fair idea of what to expect, what to avoid doing at all cost and how to make the most of your Kenyan safari! Also sharing some pictures from my safari adventure!

DIY Christmas wreath ideas

DIY Christmas wreaths - This Christmas, I decided to make some of the decoration at home instead of buying from the store. It was a highly satisfying experience and I had a lot of fun making these 2 Christmas wreaths! Find out how I made them, and let me know which one you liked better!